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Our claims promise


We are sorry about your claim but, the good news is you have Gauthier Insurance.

File your claim, how it is convenient to you


We promise to settle your claim quickly, fairly, and accurately so you can move on with your life

Inform and Submit

As soon as possible, report your claim to us. Simply call 906-485-6391 or 24 hours a day you can text 906-204-9888 or submit online at www.GauthierInsurance.com.



Work with Gauthier Insurance and your assigned claims specialists to obtain an estimate from a vendor of your choice. We will walk you through this process and arrange a repair facility or contractor for you if you prefer.


Submit to Company

A claims specialist at Gauthier Insurance will work directly with your insurance company to submit your claim with speed and quality. At this point, this is why you chose Gauthier Insurance, we will stayed involved to periodically check the status of the claim and repair for any further issues, such as additional damage, payments, or changes to the expected completed date.


Appraiser Review

Your insurance company and Gauthier Insurance will work closely with a third party auto appraiser to validate the submitted estimate. This process is verifies and validates the repair facility or contractor for accuracy.


Adjuster Review

You will be assigned an adjuster from you insurance company and they will contact you, generally with 1 business day of claims submission. They will work with you to review the appraised values. If the details and estimate checks out your claim is moved to approved where your claim is monitored by Gauthier Insurance for..


Schedule Repairs

Work with your chosen and approved repair facility or contractor to schedule your repairs. Gauthier Insurance will walk you through this step and arrange a repair for you if you prefer.


Payment Issued

Your insurance company will issue a check in the amount of the claim, less the deductible. This check is often sent directly to you or the repair facility with a co-signature of the facility or contractor.


Repairs Made

Your repair facility or contractor completes the repair. Your claim is complete with convenience, speed, and quality.



The procedures are generalized steps in the claims process. These are included to give the client guidance through the claims process, not to provide definite answers. The insurance company and agency have the right to alter, add, or remove steps which may affect the timeline or direction of the claim. There are many factors that can alter the direction of a claim which include but are not limited to coverage, personal injury, or liability issues.  

Submit your claim.

We are here to guide you. Feel the difference of the Gauthier Insurance Experience.